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High Spectator Appeal Builds Traffic!

The VHE SPORT FISHING SIMULATOR is an excellent traffic builder. It's high spectator appeal always draws a crowd. It's as much fun to watch as it is to fish! Appeals to young and old, male and female. During each session, the simulator calculates individual fishing skill with on-screen scoring. As an added attraction, Virtually Hooked Entertainment can provide exciting competition with a Virtual Sport Fishing Tournament. This allows players to compete for fishing gear, like rods and reels, and other prizes. VHE has given away thousands of dollars worth of top quality fishing gear in recent virtual tournaments at various shows. Just one more great reason to include the Virtually Hooked Sport Fishing Simulator at your next consumer show, fair or festival.

The Ultimate Virtual Fishing Experience!

The VHE SPORT FISHING SIMULATOR doesn't just simulate catching a fish. We simulate the fishing "experience". Two 50 inch wide screen monitors play rare and dramatic fishing footage synchronized in real-time with dual simulators to immerse the senses in realistic rod-bending action. The VHE simulator is equipped like a real sport fishing boat, with genuine Pompanette fighting chairs, Canyon gimbal belts for standup fishing, top quality rods and Penn Internatinal reels. It's all part of what makes the VHE SPORT FISHING SIMULATOR so unique, and it's a great way to leave a lasting impression with customers and future prospects. For a larger, more detailed view of the VHE simulator, click here.

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